toddler meals | week 5

Today is the 5th post in my toddler meal series, where I focus on healthy and balanced meals that are kept simple with minimal ingredients but still balanced for nutritional needs. Feeding your toddler should be fun, and as a busy Mom my goal is to offer toddler meal ideas that can be put together in less than 20 minutes but that still provide nutritionally-rich foods. Every meal idea I include is a meal I myself would enjoy. It's important to remember that while toddlers are toddlers, they're still just as interested in eating delicious food full of flavor like us Moms are!

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breakfast || waffle wedges, chicken sausage & banana slices

+ It's so important that a toddler has protein at every meal, and high quality chicken or turkey sausage is a great way to incorporate it. To make breakfast feel a little bit more 'gourmet' than scrambled eggs, add a toasted waffle to your child's meal. You can make your own from scratch, freeze them and heat them as needed, or you can pick up your favorite kind from the grocery store! +

the how to ||
      » Slice a ripe banana and serve or cut slices in half for half moons depending on your child's age
      » Using high-quality chicken sausage, remove the casing and slice; cook in coconut or avocado oil in a small frying pan and then cut into bite-sized pieces / Our favorite is Brat Hans brand [no sugar/paleo/gf/df/etc.] and we purchase it at Whole Foods
      » Make waffles from scratch or toast your child's favorite frozen waffles, add butter or preserves and cut into wedges or age-appropriate sized pieces // When I don't have time to make them from scratch, our go-to is Nature's Path Gluten Free Homestyle Waffle

lunch || parmesan squash bites, diced watermelon & chicken-cheese pinwheels

+ Olivia eats primarily gluten free by default [because Dustin and I do] but I still wanted her to feel like she was getting 'sandwiches' at lunchtime. I make meat + cheese pinwheels without bread and Olivia gobbles them 

the how to ||
      » dice watermelon or any fruit you have on hand into bite sized pieces
      » buy high quality chicken and cheese from the deli [our favorite brand here / pictured is the cojac cheese + everroast chicken] and layer one piece of chicken with one piece of cheese; roll up tightly and slice into wheels // This is our go-to lunch and a great way to serve a 'sandwich' that is gluten free!
      » to make squash bites: cut zucchini and summer squash (or any squash in season!) into wedges about 1/2 inch thick; toss lightly in olive oil and roast for 12-15 minutes at 375 degrees; remove from oven and dice into age-appropriate pieces and top with parmesan (or your child's favorite cheese) while still warm so that it melts! 

snack || 3 Bears Graham Snack

+ Most of my snacks focus on really healthy ingredients but every once in awhile it's fun to give Olivia a silly treat and this 3 Bears Graham Snack is the perfect fit +

the how to ||
What You'll Need: 
     Graham Cracker Squares
     Regular marshmallows + Mini marshmallows
     Regular sized chocolate chips + mini chocolate chips 
     Toothpick + small dish to melt chocolate 

» Each bear requires half a regular marshmallow for the nose/mouth, one mini marshmallow [cut in half] for the ears, two mini chocolate chips for the eyes and one regular sized chocolate chip, as well as some melted chocolate to form the mouth
Cut marshmallows in half
» Lay the grahams flat on a plate or cutting board and add the ears [half a mini marshmallow], nose/mouth [half  a regular marshmallow] and eyes [mini chocolate chips]
» Melt 5-10 chocolate chips in a small dish in the microwave and using a toothpick, form the nose detail and add a regular chocolate chip to finish it

dinner || peas, cheddar flowers & gluten free chicken tenders

+ This is a great weeknight dinner for any toddler or child and it requires very little preparation; you can swap your child's favorite vegetable, fruit or cheese for the side dishes to customize it to his or her preferences +

the how to ||
      » Steam frozen petite green peas 5-7 minutes or until tender; let cool slightly [I steam half a bag at once, store them in a airtight glass container in the frig and serve them over a few days]
      » Using a small cookie cutter, cut shapes out of white cheddar cheese // You can also buy these to save yourself a step
      » Chicken tenders: our favorite kinds are here & here // We bake them according to the instructions on a pizza stone and cut them into small pieces; these are a 'treat' for Olivia but so handy for a quick dinner with lots of protein!

Stay tuned for a special collab & giveaway next week with Re-Play and then a feature on Num Num Dips coming the following week! I'll also be focusing on eating with the season as we move into Fall, including pumpkin-themed meals and yummy [and easy!] fall recipes for toddlers!


  1. I cant wait to start my sweet girl on solids! Did you do BLW?

  2. This is great! I am always wracking my brain for lunch ideas!! Thank you! I especially love this as it seems our girls are nearly the same age! How fun!



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