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Last Friday, a big brown box was dropped off on our front steps and inside it contained one of my favorite things: a treasure trove of children's books. A few more boxes have arrived since then as I basically ordered Olivia a mini 'library' of children's books for Fall. They are all as amazing as I hoped they would be & we spent part of our weekend rearranging V's nursery, styling her bookshelves & of course...lots and lots of reading. 

We have so many new favorites & I'm so excited to share them with you here and then a little bit more in depth over the next few weeks and months in my #BlessedNestLitList series on instagram. Not all these books are Fall-themed, but they caught my eye because of their beautiful and colorful covers. I love styling book shelves for the changing seasons, but the books don't always have to be related to that season. For example, Henri's Walk to Paris has nothing to do with Fall...but the cover is perfect to remind me of the changing leaves. I have so much fun getting creative with styling and these books are truly works of art.

I've divided the list below between board books and hardcovers. Most often, I keep the hardcovers up high out of reach on shelves, and I keep all the board books in fun bins where Olivia can reach them to read whenever she wants. I love that she has her own little stash of books she can look at, and then the hardcovers are special ones we read together.

I chose a few bear-themed books for Fall & Winter, as well as the classic Halloween stories and of course, some that just screamed 'Fall' to me both because of their covers and their story lines.

Board Books

If you haven't heard of BabyLit series, they are board books based on classic literature that teach children about numbers, letters, and basic concepts. So much fun! Over time we've collected almost all of them and there are so many that are fitting for Fall!

You can read more about what's on our playroom bookshelves here & find about our favorite reads for the first year here & don't forget that today is the last day to enter this giveaway!


  1. The Little Yellow Leaf is my fave! I love that to pieces. We definitely need some new ones this year. I added a few to our list! combines two of my faves...reading and fall!

  2. Oh it's so fun reading with Ellie. I only have one of the books you mentioned! So I'm going to have to hit up my local GW and HalfPriced Books for these!!



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