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I recently started a new mini series on instagram called Lit List [which was formerly just on my blog], where I share our favorite children's books with a photo and a short description of them. They can all be found under the tag #BlessedNestLitList // Olivia absolutely loves books and I have so much fun choosing them for her, and letting her pick some out herself now that she is a bit more independent and able to do so. I look for books that are not only beautifully illustrated cover to cover, but also filled with special stories that are unique, meaningful, and playful.

 I frequently get asked what books are our absolute favorites and what books I would recommend. Although it's so hard to narrow it down because we have so many favorites, I did a recap of our Favorite Reads for the First Year here. And today I wanted to share a quick list of what's currently on our bookshelf since I've come across so many more amazing reads since doing that post three months ago. Right now I am in the process of transitioning from our Summer collection into Fall books and I'm discovering new books all the time to add for the changing seasons!

Top Shelf / Left to Right

Middle Shelf / Left to Right

Bottom Shelf / Left to Right

Right now Olivia is reading Little Owl Lost 24-7. And I love it too because its short, sweet and a perfect one to sneak in right before bedtime after we've already read ten others! I ordered her another board book by the same author called Oh No, George and that will be here soon so I can't wait to peek into that and see if she likes it just as much. Sparky! always makes me laugh and especially with Dustin reads it out loud. There is just something so sweet about hearing your husband read your daughter a book about a little girl with a pet sloth. When he is reading it, I can't help but smile and laugh out loud. Lately Lily is a newer one that we absolutely love because of the bright and vivid colors and the sweet story. Sleep Like A Tiger and Dream Animals are our two favorites for bedtime books, along with A Book of Sleep and of course, Goodnight Moon. Sleep Like A Tiger has some of the most stunning illustrations I've ever seen. The second shelf is filled with lots of my favorites for Fall and I especially enjoy The Little Yellow Leaf

A few currently on our wish list include Stuck, Wave & Dear Zoo. Dear Zoo was a classic when I was a little girl so definitely one I'll get for Olivia soon. Stuck and Wave are both more of summer books but of course we'll enjoy them all year long! A few are in the mail that will be perfect for Fall and I can't wait to share those soon!

I'll also be sharing more about each of our favorite books on instagram over the coming weeks and months, especially my picks for Fall as we move into my favorite season // Every single one of these is a work of art in itself and you can't go wrong no matter which you choose! Happy weekend & happy reading!


  1. oh yes! I love fave book lists - I added a whole bunch to Aria's wish list just now! Thanks!

  2. So many great recommendations! I added a few to our registry to start stock-piling for little man's arrival :)

  3. This is such a great list! Where are your shelves from?!


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