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Because almost everything is better in gold, and because autumn is right around the corner, I had to share my favorite recent DIY project that is so simple but produces a gorgeous end result: DIY Gold Branches.

I was inspired to create these branches after getting my first pumpkin-apple candle of the season last weekend. Our home seriously felt [and smelled!] so cozy and perfect but it just needed a touch of glam to amp up the Fall vibes. The color gold -- and all warm tones -- are of course associated with the changing of leaves and the approaching season, and branches make the perfect canvas because they can be found in your backyard, literally.

I was blown away at how easy this project was and had so much fun doing it! I am already planning on putting a spin on painted branches for the winter...though I'm certainly not in any rush for those. These gold branches would make the perfect addition to any room; they would be lovely in a little girl's nursery or a modern bathroom & of course they would make a festive centerpiece for your dining room table around the holidays. Seriously, these changed my world. 

what you'll need

5-8 branches || find these in your yard & around your neighborhood; look for unique patterns and branches of varying heights to create an aesthetically pleasing arrangement; if you aren't able to find any, most craft stores offer some form of branches whether individually or sold as one bunch

gold spray paint || I purchased a $7 can from a local craft store but it can be found at hardware stores as well; be sure to buy a metallic variety so that it will give a nice shine [versus a "flat" paint which will offer gold color but no sheen]

newspaper || use sheets of old newspaper to protect the surface on which you are painting the branches

tall vase or mason jar to arrange and hold the branches || I eventually plan to paint our glass vase but haven't quite decided on a color

what you'll do 

in a well ventilated area [I did this in our backyard], lay a single branch on your newspaper and using your gold spray paint, coat branch evenly, covering completely; let sit to dry for 2-3 minutes and flip over to coat the other side; set aside to dry

continue to repeat with all the branches

allow gold branches to dry for 20-30 minutes before arranging; remember that you can break off pieces of the branch if it is throwing your eye off; play around until you've arranged them to your taste // I started with my largest & most elegant branch in the center, then arranged around it, modifying it a few times until I was happy with how it looked. The beauty of it is that these are meant to look rustic, so the more unique the branches are -- the better! Happy Monday!


  1. This is fabulous! I know just where I'd put some gold branches too. Thanks for the idea!

  2. You have the best ideas, love this!


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