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Dustin & I made it a goal to complete two DIYs per month for the rest of the year. In May we finished a large basement bathroom renovation, we are just about done with our laundry room reno and then in August we I hope to renovate our master bath. But between the big time-consuming projects, there are so many simple ways to dress up your space and make your house a home. Whether by hanging new artwork, updating light fixtures, rearranging furniture, painting, organizing, or creating something that you've needed but never found...its amazing how such simple projects can make such a difference!

I've been wanting a blanket ladder for Olivia's nursery for quite awhile now. Between all her special blankets and her beautiful birthday quilt, I wanted a way to display them on a daily basis when she wasn't using them. This especially is true in the summer, because its way too hot for blankets in our neck of the woods until about mid-September.

This is such a simple project that costs only pennies to make. It is a great DIY for beginners because there are only a few steps and it really is impossible not to succeed. Plus, many stores sell blanket ladders for well over $100 and you can make yours -- even customize it to your preferences [height, width, stain, etc.] for next to nothing! The best part? It can easily be completed in an afternoon, and those projects are my favorite. 
When I get an idea in my head, I don't want to wait! 

what you'll need || 

(2) 8 foot 2x2s || 16 feet of wood total
(1) 8 oz can of stain of choice || We used ASH by Varathane because it created a more rustic vintage look
(1) Rag for staining || We used an old t-shirt
(8) 3 inch screws

what you do ||

1. Cut one 5 foot piece of wood from each of your 8 foot pieces || You will end up with four pieces -- (2) 5 foot pieces & (2) 3 foot pieces

2. Next cut each 3 foot piece in half to be 18 inches || Be sure to be exact when measuring and cutting

(4) pieces, 18 inches each + (2) pieces, 5 feet each

3. Lay them out on the ground to form a ladder || I arranged them with the prettiest wood characteristics [knots + chips] to show & we put each rung 12 inches apart but started 18 inches from the ground to allow for a blanket to hang on the bottom bar [Make pencil marks for screw locations at measurements]

4. Using a drill, screw each rung into place.

5. Finish using stain of choice, being sure to completely cover wood

6. Keep in mind that most stain dries within an hour but we allowed ours to dry overnight before hanging blankets from it.

This simple blanket ladder costs less than $10 to make and adds both character and function to any room of the house. We have ours in Olivia's nursery holding her special quilts & blankets but plan to make another for our basement soon!


  1. Such a neat project and I love that y'all made a goal to do two a month together! Awesome bonding time. :) Maybe I can talk my hubby into helping me with this one.

  2. Seriously love this!! A definite must make!

  3. Found your blog from "Our Daily Bit" on Instagram! And may I say you are awesome! I saw this idea on Pinterest the other day and fell in love with it but the Pin led nowhere so I was so excited to find your blog and see this! Thanks for such awesome directions! My dad is coming up to visit us next week so now i have an easy project for him to make!


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