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Thursday, June 12, 2021

This week's What V. Wore is so much fun and the perfect look for a day at the park or a night in the backyard. Simple, comfortable & stylish.

Teal Headband // Sweet Angel Kreations
Infinity Scarf // Will & Tess
Share Earth Tee // Peace on Art

Read below about each of these wonderful shops & then enter to win these three pieces via instagram, perfect to add to your babe's summer wardrobe!

Sweet Angel Kreations

I am a wife {to Stephen}, mother of three beautiful girls {Ava, Sophia & Kyra}, full time teacher, and part time etsy shop owner.  Opening my litte shop has been an exciting adventure.  I decided to do this because I love it when my girls coordinate with one another, and I was having a hard time finding bows for all three of my girls {My twins needed clips, and the baby needed a headband.}.  They were the reason that the shop started, as well as my inspiration.  That is the reason I chose to use the first letter of each of their names when coming up with the name for my shop {Sophia - Sweet, Ava - Angel, Kyra - Kreations}.

In my shop you will find a variety of hand made hair accessories for girls of all ages.  There are fabric bows, felt bows, and flowers.  I chose to make almost all of my items have the option of being on an elastic headband, or on alligator clips.  This is something I really wanted to do since a lot of older girls aren't into headbands {my twins included}.

Hands down, the BEST thing about having my own little business is meeting so many amazing people! I have formed lots of new friendships.  I also LOVE seeing pics of adorable little girls wearing the accessories I have designed!

Will & Tess

I chose my shop name based on my son's name (who is now 2) and what we would've named a daughter, should we be blessed with one. Lo and behold, she's due in the next few weeks! When I announced our Tess on the shop's fan page, some of my customers and friends commented that I must be psychic. I honestly didn't think we would get a girl (boys run strong on my husband's side), so I thought naming my shop Will & Tess would be my only opportunity to use the name. And here I am with my real life Will and Tess! (Almost anyway!) 

I love aesthetically pleasing items, whether it's furniture, clothes, photographs or art, etc. So it was natural to me to make scarves for babies and children that were also aesthetically pleasing. I really enjoy working on pieces that I know are going to look good, and I especially love styling looks around them. 

Professionals have offered to do photo shoots of my pieces, but I won't give up that piece of it because I love interacting with the kids, seeing how the pieces drape and how the kids wear them, and capturing exactly how I hope the items make the kids and parents feel. Clothing and accessories, especially our children's, are so much more than just functional (although with kids the function has to be there!); they are an expression of who we are, who we think our kids are, their burgeoning personalities, and a lifestyle we're aiming for. I think people buy from Etsy shops not only because they want to support the shop owners, but because they want something unique and different, something that they hand-select as an expression of their lifestyle. I love being a part of that; I love knowing that I've created something someone is using to express themselves, even if it is "just a scarf."

Peace on Art

I’m Jen, a crunchy momma born & raised in Western MA, made a brief hop-skip to be with my other half on Long Island NY, and after learning more about the life we want we’re back in New England living on a lake outside of Boston that’s packed with kids who innocently get to run around our tight knit neighborhood the way we could when we were young. My soul mate and I married in 2010, welcomed our son Parker in 2012, and we’re definitely… the three best friends that anyone could have. I spend most of my days either adventuring the lake with Parker, perusing farmer’s markets, following my husband down a Vermont mountain on a snowboard, and taking early morning runs. I own ten pairs of TOMS Shoes (and counting) because I’m a sucker for a good cause and funky comfort fashion. Been running a vegetarian household since 2009, except for seafood that I can never ever give up (New England girl). Display of attachment parenting at its finest. Yes I listen to artists like Dave Matthews and Jack Johnson. No I’m not worried about explaining our tattoos to Parker. I love this simple life I get to live surrounded by love, and know how blessed I am to have found it. All in all, just a mom wearing my heart on my kid’s sleeve trying to bring the same happiness to others.

Peace On Art is the result of a budding epiphany that one of the most genuine ways which moms expresses themselves is through the fashion choices we make for our children. In late 2012, about five months into motherhood and many world tragedies gone by, creator & mom Jen Russo found herself with a heavy heart longing for hip, modern kids clothing that better showed the world what she wanted for her son Parker: an appreciation for nature and equality, the ability to live simply, and importance of giving back. And so bloomed her quest to speak life lessons through Parker’s clothing in hopes that it rubs off on him and the rest of the World around him. Expression through our kids is after all inevitable, and so… Peace On Art happened. Because kids wear our heart on their sleeve.

Peace On Art's designs are an ever growing collection life lessons gathered from Jen & her husband growing up and living in the rural hills of Western Massachusetts and the urban land that is Long Island, NY; a move to somewhere in the middle (outside of Boston where they now reside with Parker), many escapes to the mountains of Vermont, and everything in between.

My favorite part about owning my own business is knowing that my son Parker will grow up seeing that his mom does something good for the world. I think back to childhood, and I never wondered about how much money my parents made. While they knew they were working to provide for four kids, I was only curious about what my dad did and how it helped others. Kids have no concept of how much money a job pays, but they whole-heartedly look up to everything they know their parents do. All that will matter to Parker is that Mommy does something that makes a difference, makes people happy, and hopefully ups my cool factor. That’s what I want him to grow up around and be a part of daily.  

All designs are 100% hand drawn by creator Jen Russo with modern kids in mind, and screen printed by young artists at Artists For Humanity, a non-profit organization in Boston who shares my vision that the youth are our future and our hope and we need to help them harness positive expression and appreciate sustainability. The organization gives under privileged, artistic teens a safe environment to pursue a career in the arts through education and paid employment. These young artists immediately stole my heart, and I’m now proud to be able to say that I help those artists with further employment and experience by having all Peace On Art’s t-shirts screen printed by Artists For Humanity. Money spent is no longer a business investment; it’s giving back; it’s investing in our youth and their future and giving them a piece of the life I’ve been so lucky to find..  Each shirt comes with it’s own little story of what the design means to us and what we hope it means to you.

Head over to my instagram to enter to win this full look!
Giveaway runs from Thursday, June 12 through Wednesday, June 18.

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