week 2 whole30 recap & recipes

I'm halfway through my WHOLE30 and I can't believe how quick the time is flying! My second week has been great. You can read my Week 1 Recap HERE. I have been feeling pretty darn awesome -- I really don't crave sugar at all but I definitely crave protein and nuts, so I always keep raw almonds on hand and I have been eating a lot of hard boiled eggs and grilled chicken. I enjoyed a big taco salad on Cinco de Mayo & the most flavorful fajita night midweek last week. This weekend is a busy one so I have been throwing together random things for a sort of "picnic" dinner and you know what? I'm totally okay with that. Sometimes simple is the best! I've also been eating a lot of grilled salmon with roasted rainbow carrots (ahh--mazing!) and of course, two of my favorite WHOLE30 staples: guacamole & sweet potatoes. 

We have been so busy with the final stage of our renovation and getting ready for Olivia's 1st Birthday Party that my energy levels have seemed low, but I attribute it more to the amount of sleep I'm getting (which lets just say is not enough) and the amount of time I am spending on my feet every day and night. Other than being tired, I'm feeling SO great! My clothes fit so well and are even loose (!!!), I never feel bloated or "full" anymore, and I have a healthier emotional relationship with food [I'll expand more next week]. The best part? I am having more fun in the kitchen than I have in years and every single meal and snack I eat is so satisfying and delicious! 

This week I made my first batch of Homemade [PALEO] Mayo and it was seriously like a fluffy magical cloud of deliciousness. So of course, I had to make egg salad with it. And when I make egg salad, I don't just use eggs. I pack it with all my favorite flavors for a unique and appetizing entree. Both recipes are below.
Happy Saturday!

No Fuss HOMEMADE MAYO [whole30 / paleo]

What You'll Need

1 raw egg
1 cup of extra light olive oil [Be sure not to use extra virgin because the flavor is too strong]
2-3 teaspoons fresh squeezed lemon or lime juice [I did a combination of both]
1 [generous] pinch of salt
Seasoning or herbs of choice [I used 1/2 tsp mustard powder but plan to experiment with my next batch]

1 tall glass jar [with lid]
Immersion [Hand] Blender

What You Do

Place raw egg in bottom of jar. Add lemon/lime juice, salt & any seasonings of choice. 
Pour in 1 cup of oil. 
Place immersion blender all the way to bottom of jar. Blend for 30 seconds without moving handle. You will be begin to see the magic happen -- the oil and egg will turn into a creamy consistency. Continue to blend, moving as needed to incorporate all oil.

Give it a taste, adjust seasonings as needed and store it in the jar in fridge. 

>> You can look on the egg carton to see when eggs expire and mayo should stay good until then <<

What I love about this recipe is that it makes the perfect amount for a few days of salads/spreads/etc. so you won't store it for long and hopefully none will go to waste. Then when it's gone, you can whip up a new batch in just minutes. 
PLUS you make it & store it in the same jar which means less dishes which = less work. 

Not Your Average EGG SALAD [whole30 / paleo]

What You'll Need

2-3 eggs //  hard boiled & peeled
1 celery stalk
2-3 radishes
1/2 red onion // optional to have it grilled [we make extra on fajita night solely for the purpose of using them in this salad because grilled red onion adds an amazing smoky, savory bite]
1-2 TBSP homemade mayo
1 tsp spicy mustard // Gulden's brand is whole30 compliant
Roasted & Salted Pepitas // I love TJ's brand

What You Do
Chop eggs in preferred way // I use this because its fun, easy and I make egg salad a lot.
Finely dice celery, radishes and red onion 
Add mayo + spicy mustard & mix well
Add S+P to taste
Garnish with a small handful of pepitas for an extra crunch and final layer of flavor!

I love to eat mine alongside a handful of raw almonds & fresh frozen blueberries. Yum! Enjoy!

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