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Every once in awhile you come across something so beautiful and unique that you can't take your eyes off it. 

Well that is what happened as I began to work with the ever so wonderful Katy of Sweet Littles Handmade. I am thrilled to be featuring such a beautiful shop & products in this week's SHOP SPOTLIGHT. Katy's "Sweet Littles" are unlike any other doll I've ever seen and she worked closely with me to design a custom doll for Olivia as a very special gift for her 1st Birthday. From the moment Olivia saw her, she began clapping [no, seriously] and has barely put her down since. It is by far her favorite birthday gift and I know she will be loved, treasured and kept forever. 

Katy -- the talent behind Sweet Littles Handmade -- is a Mom to her three little loves -- ages 5, 4, and 2 -- and she lives in Washington with her husband and family. She shared with me that her business really became a business when her and her husband decided that he needed to leave a job that he really disliked to pursue his dream of being a baker. Katy had always made things for her own children and for children of friends, and it was always suggested that she should sell what she makes! She never really took it to heart until realizing the income would greatly help her family and allow her husband to pursue his dream as a baker. 

In August of 2013, Katy began selling her dolls and shared that the journey over the past 9 months has been amazing! Not only has she been able to help her family financially, but she has loved teaching her own kids about giving and working for what they have. Sweet Littles Handmade has been so much more for Katy's family than just dolls. Each doll is designed & created by Katy and boasts unique features. Katy said "Each doll is filled with more love than you could think possible! They are way too fun and I feel overwhelmingly blessed every single day that this is what I get to do!"

What Sweet Littles Handmade is known for: One of a kind handmade dolls made to be loved for years to come, featuring vintage fabrics, ribbon hair, unique accessories [like capes, skirts & ballet slippers] and complete with the sweetest hand embroidered face.

What sets Sweet Littles Handmade apart: I can't even really find the words to describe what sets these beautiful dolls and this shop apart. Not only do they have so much love poured into them, but they are unlike anything I've ever seen before. I mean...look at them! They are perfect. I'm going with that as my answer -- their perfection sets them apart!

My favorite products: Other than our beautiful doll, I love Sweet Little Poppy & Sweet Little Rhododendron

Product Review: Custom Sweet Little // We named her Beatrice [Olivia's middle name and reminiscent of the Bee fabric pattern]
Quality & Craftsmanship: Head to Toe, Sweet Little Beatrice is pure perfection. She is so well-made. I seriously don't know how Katy does it. [OK, so I don't really sew, which probably explains a lot, but seriously.] Every part of her is designed, stitched & stuffed just the way you hope a doll would be. The hand-embroidered face and tiny little lips, the long arms & legs [that I seriously love], the ribbon hair in pig tails...the list goes on and on. I couldn't make a doll this beautiful if you gave me 100 years & 100 yards of fabric. 

Overall Appearance & Opinion: Katy sent me a sneak peek of Bea before sending her our way in the mail and I gushed over her from the very beginning. She was [and is] the most beautiful doll I have ever seen. Enough said.

Value & Recommendation: Katy puts so much time, love, and creativity into designing and making each and every Sweet Little. Hearing how she began her business and that she has turned her talent and passion into a way to support her family makes this doll even more special. This isn't one of those "easily replaced-buy at a store-mass produced overseas" dolls. No, this is a work of art that is meant to be given as a priceless gift, especially fitting for a very special occasion, such as a 1st birthday, baptism/christening/dedication, 1st Christmas, etc. This is a "kiss and hug and love forever-pass down to your children's children" type of doll. Yup, she's that kind of doll. 

The best part about Sweet Littles Handmade is that Katy can customize a doll for your babe [Sweet Little You!] in any way you want. In making Beatrice, we chose brown hair to match Olivia's and I opted for both a tutu and ballet slippers as well as a custom matching cape with a "1" on it for her 1st Birthday. 

The cape and tutu can both be untied, taken off and retied on. This will be so much fun as Olivia gets a little older and starts to use her imagination for play. It also allows for Olivia to nap with her doll without me worrying about extra pieces coming off and being a danger in her crib. 

Katy even customized my ballet slippers differently than others so that I could untie and retie them, and Olivia LOVES untying them and sitting in my lap watching me lace them up [over and over]. Who knew so much entertainment would come from ribbon?!

I would highly recommend Katy and everything she offers in her Sweet Littles Handmade shop. From custom options to whimsical add-ons, Katy can do it all. Her prices are phenomenal, her turnover time is quick and she is SO genuine. It was a joy to work with her and she knows all my future baby girls will have a Sweet Little made for them just like Miss Olivia did!

Olivia loves giving Sweet Little Beatrice kisses and she surely has found a new best friend!

Katy has so generously offered Blessed Nest readers to receive 15% off their total purchase from Sweet Littles Handmade using the coupon code "BLESSED15" // Valid Saturday, May 24-Friday, May 30 only.

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