Olivia's Birthday & Gifts

Olivia turned 1 last Friday, May 23. It is crazy to think that she has been with us [over] a year now! You can read about her 1st Birthday party here & read her birth story here. We hosted her birthday party a week before her birthday because I wanted to spend time intimately as a family of 3 on her actual birthday, celebrating her life so far and the journey we've had together. Olivia and I had an absolutely perfect day together last Friday and as soon as Dustin was home from work, we carried on the fun. V celebrated by sleeping in until 10am and then we got dressed [with V in the cutest outfit ever] & ready to head to her favorite park. It was a day of total sunshine with a perfect summer breeze.

Floral Turban from Heart of Hazel // White Button Top from babyGap // Leggings c/o AIM Baby 

We enjoyed a long walk and spent the rest of the morning laying on a big quilt under our favorite tree, listening to music, reading books and playing with a few of her favorite toys. Afterward, Olivia napped while I enjoyed a light lunch outside in the sunshine. Once V was up, we baked muffins together she sat in the kitchen with her wooden spoon while I baked. After lunch, she enjoyed her very first banana muffin ever -- complete with a gold candle -- and loved every bite of it!
Later she ate her favorite dinner -- cod with butternut squash & sweet potatoes and then we surprised her with her very own DQ icecream. Unsure of what to think at first, she had a few bites and wasn't incredibly impressed. But we'll try again this summer because really, I'm sure deep down she has an icecream passion running through her veins just like we do! 

We had a lot of fun over the long weekend celebrating Olivia and enjoying healthy & delicious food and even a [gluten free] chocolate cake -- what we've dubbed the Hoho Cake -- on Sunday night with family. I absolutely love that her birthday falls on a holiday weekend -- more time to celebrate, of course! We did a lot of grilling out all weekend and gave Olivia her special birthday gifts on Sunday night at her small family party. She even went swimming for the first time and loved it, which didn't surprise us since she has loved baths since she was born.

Gifts are one of my love languages so naturally I put a lot of time & thought into choosing the gifts I give to my loved ones. I knew that Olivia's 1st Birthday would be no different -- I wanted to give her meaningful & unique gifts that she would cherish for years to come and that would inspire her to use her imagination and continue to nurture her playful spirit.

Dustin and I tend to stay away from traditional gifts like toys and clothes and instead lean more toward art, books, and other keepsakes that she will never grow out of. Her first gifts were two black and white art prints, which we hung last week in her nursery. 

I love that the Unicorn print is not only whimsical and silly, but the deeper message behind it is that she can be whoever and whatever she wants to be as she is growing up and even when she is all grown up. If she sets her mind to it, she can do it. I want to teach Olivia to be creative & imaginative and the print does just that.

The World is Your Oyster! is also a fabulous print for a little girl's nursery or playroom. It reminds her that the world is full of opportunities and holding great treasures for her [whether an education, a career, a family, a passion, a dream or something else] and following God's lead, she should go after those treasures every day of her life.

Her big gift this year was her handmade custom black and white plus quilt from LWPH sews, which was hand stitched with "Olivia, Our Love" // Black and white is always classic and I had been wanting to get Olivia a plus quilt for quite awhile and finally decided her 1st birthday would be the perfect occasion. I chose the B+W leaves backing not only because I am in love with the pattern itself, but because leaves represent changing of seasons and growth, and a first birthday is an occasion celebrating life and growth throughout a baby's first year. As we move into a new season of her childhood, I am so thankful to have this beautiful quilt with us. I know it will be a part of so many special memories.

We also gave her a handmade Sweet Little doll, a BlaBla mermaid [going along with the imaginative & whimsical theme], some bright new kicks & a few books that are quickly becoming her favorite. She also received a custom playmat blanket covered in her favorite animal -- sheep -- and a matching Goodnight cloud pillow.

Finally, I gave her a beautiful journal filled with quotes, special stories, our wish for her & a birthday letter. Even though she is too young to understand it now, I know when she is older it will be relevant and meaningful.

B&W + Quilt // I Am Her Journal // Sparky! // The Quiet Book // Keepsake Princess Mug from local boutique

We have enjoyed celebrating our dear Olivia and look forward to spending the summer together as a family of 3. We've already knocked a few items off of our Summer Bucket List and have a few more lined up for this week & weekend [Sharing a s'mores blizzard on date night, maybe?]. Stay tuned for tomorrow's What V Wore post where you'll have a chance to win a full outfit for your babe [including a pair of FP moccs] and a new Shop Spotlight on Friday featuring Little Winter Shop, with a giveaway & special coupon code! Xo.

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