our easter

Yesterday we celebrated Olivia's 1st Easter & it was simply wonderful. She had so much fun taking apart her basket and looking over all her books and new toys (read about what we put in Olivia's basket here) and I had so much fun taking pictures of her! We enjoyed time together as a family and also time relaxing. Isn't that what Sundays are for?

In the morning we went to church and heard a great message and some wonderful music. Olivia was all dressed up in her Easter best, with a new cardigan and one of our favorite headbands yet (Available here).

After church, we had a big family brunch with my parents and Grandma Bea. Pancakes, potatoes, honey baked ham, and all other things yummy. Afterward, it was nap time for V which meant time to lounge for us adults. 

In the afternoon, we celebrated my Grandpa's 83rd Birthday with my entire extended family that lives out of state. And of course, indulged in more delicious food. It was so much fun for Olivia to see all her family that she normally doesn't spend time with and watch her learn to walk and interact with new faces. 

It isn't necessarily traditional for adults, but Dustin and I have been exchanging Easter cards & gifts since we began dating, so during Olivia's nap time, we did that. I chose a new shirt for him for Spring, bought him some new headphones for his workouts and ordered a book for him that he has been wanting to read (Available here). Dustin gave me a new black lulu sweater that will be perfect for every day wear around the house and equally as great dressed up with jewelry. 

Olivia's favorite parts of her basket were her books (of course) and her peg puzzle.  The first book she opened and looked through was Peter Rabbit Pull & Play (available here). Such a classic. She was in awe looking at all the plastic eggs around her and loved sitting and banging them together to make noise. In her basket at the last minute, I also snuck in a pink "first brush" baby toothbrush (available here) and it has barely left her hand since. The sweetest thing was that Olivia sat on our bed with her basket and took each item out one by one, looked it over, set it down and took out the next. It was so methodical. She is definitely my daughter. 

A day of good food (my favorite key lime pie ever!), great company & new memories...I hope your Easter was just as special as ours! Ultimately, Easter is so meaningful to us because it represents that Christ our Savior is Risen! Because of Christ's death on the cross, we are forgiven, saved and promised eternal life. What a wonderful thing to celebrate! 

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