If you've been following my blog for awhile, you will know I am all about simplicity. If it's too complicated, I'm not interested because most days I am juggling 10 things, none of which even relate to my meals! Today was Day 2 of my WHOLE30 regimen and the meals I ate, just like yesterday, were all so delicious. The best part? Simple was their middle name!

POST-WORKOUT SNACK // Raw Almonds & Free Range Organic Hard Boiled Egg

I got up at the crack of dawn on Saturday morning to fit a hot yoga class into my busy weekend and not only was it so wonderful to get up to see the sun rise, but it also felt great to start my day off with so much energy after sweating like crazy! It's amazing how exhausting hot yoga can be and afterward I was hungry so I enjoyed a snack I could pull together with one arm, while Olivia was in my other.

LUNCH // Sunflower Chicken Salad & Spicy Mustard Lemon Vinaigrette

The salad -- composed of only four ingredients -- was so light and refreshing. The sunflower seeds added the perfect crunch and flavor and the chicken provided lean protein that filled me up. I whipped together the dressing at a moment's notice with what I had on hand and to my surprise, it was delicious! I should say, though, I am a mustard-lover. If you don't like mustard, delicious probably won't be the word you would use to describe it, but if you DO have a heart for mustard...give it a try!

Green Leaf Lettuce // I love leaf lettuce in this salad because it is a bit more tender and light than Romaine
Shredded Carrots // These add the perfect amount of sweetness and a great contrast to the tangy dressing
Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breast [Cooked + Sliced] // I seasoned mine with garlic powder and black pepper and threw it on the grill
Roasted, Unsalted Sunflower Seeds // Approximately 1/4 cup

1-2 TBSP Spicy Mustard that is WHOLE30 Compliant // I like Gulden's Brand
1/4 cup light tasting olive oil // I prefer a LIGHT over an Extra Virgin in this particular dressing
2-4 TBSP water // Add this to tone down the mustard flavor as needed
A good squeeze of a fresh lemon

Mix all ingredients together, whisking briskly. Add S+P as needed and adjust to your preferences. If the tang from the spicy mustard is too much, simply add more water. If you want a spicier dressing, add crushed red pepper flakes. When I initially tasted it off a spoon it had a bit more of a bite than I hoped for, but once I added a little water and put it on my salad, it was perfect to round out all the other flavors! I was amazed at how easy and delicious my last-minute lunch turned out to be!

DINNER // Steak + Sides 

My husband and I both love a good steak, and when you're talking a grass-fed filet accompanied by delicious and healthy sides, I don't know how you could ever feel deprived! Be sure to buy high quality grass-fed beef; if it isn't grass fed, it cannot be considered gluten free because often, the cows have eaten grains (and who knows what else!). It is a bit more expensive but we don't buy it often (1-2 times per month) and we use coupons at our local health foods store when we do buy it. Pair it with your favorite fresh sides for a filling and tasty meal.

1 grass-fed filet per person
Roasted Cauliflower // Recipe available here
Steamed green beans

Simple as that!
Happy Sunday! Xo.

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  1. My roommates and I just started the Whole 30 today. I bought two books with recipes, but so far I'm digging yours better. What great timing! Thank you for blogging.


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