bullseye taco salad [whole30 / paleo]

I made this bullseye taco salad for the first time on Sunday night, Day 3 of my WHOLE30 journey. It was so easy to put together and SO delicious. I wasn't sure how much I would like it since I couldn't have cheese or use chips with it (like I normally would on my taco salads), but honestly I didn't miss a thing! The taco meat was hearty and full of flavor, the lettuce was crisp, the olives were rich and the guacamole, well ... what more needs to be said, it's guacamole. 

This is a super simple meal that you can put together in no time and customize to your preferences!
Bonus: it makes a great lunch for the next day!

Ground beef or turkey [grass fed] // I cook up 1-2 pounds at a time and then eat it for leftovers!

Your favorite taco seasoning // Be sure it is WHOLE30 compliant. If you're unsure, make your own! Almost every taco seasoning includes sugar, so be sure to read labels!

1 head of romaine lettuce, washed and chopped

1-2 Tomatoes, diced // Or pick up the "mild salsa" from Chipotle like we did!

1/4 cup Cilantro, chopped

Black olives, sliced thinly

Your favorite guacamole // Be sure it is WHOLE30 compliant. Make your own or just pick up the best guac in the entire world, again from Chipotle (it's compliant!!)

1. Thoroughly cook ground beef or ground turkey in coconut or olive oil in large saut矇 pan or dutch oven, adding taco seasoning to taste.
2. Prepare all ingredients -- wash and chop lettuce, assemble tomato salsa (chopped tomatoes and cilantro), slice black olives, etc.
3. Start with a bed of romaine lettuce, add meat, guac and olives.
4. Garnish around the edge with tomatoes or your favorite salsa.
5. Enjoy!

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