a quick + easy taco salad

If you asked what I eat on a regular basis for dinner, one of my answers would be "taco salad." I don't know what it is about it, but I don't think I could ever get sick of it! A big bowl full of hearty, crisp romaine lettuce, topped with perfectly seasoned (& a little bit spicy!) grass-fed beef, sharp cheddar cheese & my favorite taco topping - black olives -- and I just can't get enough! 

Taco Salads are so versatile and most importantly - SO easy! As a mom, there are days that I don't want to spend more than 10 minutes putting together a dinner for Dustin and myself. Some nights the thought of cooking is so exhausting that I would almost rather sleep than eat. (No, seriously). But fortunately for us, the taco salad has saved us on many of those nights! 

The beauty of the Taco Salad is that you can make it however you want. As long as you have some form of lettuce, protein & taco seasoning, you can customize it to suit your taste.

Our Favorite Taco Salad always includes:

Fresh chopped romaine lettuce

Grass-fed ground beef or Shredded Chicken
>> Seasoned with Trader Joe's taco seasoning or your favorite homemade seasoning! <<

Black beans, pinto beans or refried beans*
>> *Our favorite are Amy's Organic Vegetarian Refried Beans: Traditional (ahhh-mazing!) <<

Thinly sliced sharp cheddar cheese
>> The sharper, the better! <<

Our favorite basic corn chips (available here), slightly crushed 

And our favorite taco toppers: black olives for me & some form of fresh salsa for Dustin

You can dress your taco salad with taco sauce, any kind of salsa, tabasco or hot sauce, or just leave it plain like I do. The meat is so tender and juicy and the seasoning is perfect, so I don't even need a "dressing" on top. Whatever your favorite way to finish it off, this is a great and easy weeknight meal that is sure to please every palette! 

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