what being a Mama has taught me

what motherhood has taught me.
to slow down. It’s okay if we don’t eat dinner until 8pm because we were too busy taking care of Olivia when she has been teething or had the sniffles. It’s okay if I lay in bed until noon in my pajamas because V and I are giggling and playing together. It’s okay if I’m a little late to something I had planned to be on time to, because it means I didn’t rush Olivia during breakfast or speed through her morning bath. It means I took the extra time to feed her at a pace I myself would want to eat, and to pamper her with her favorite lotion and to dress her in a new outfit and to kiss & tickle her all along the way. Being a Momma has taught me that it’s okay to slow down, even if it means getting less done or being a little late. 
to savor every minute. This morning Olivia was up at 6am & hungry. I gave her a bottle and after she had finished, my body so badly wanted to crawl back into my warm + cozy bed because she was content and ready to be put back down. Instead, I sat and held her as she slept on my chest and held onto my shirt, tucking her head in the crook of my neck. Minute by minute time passed and an hour later, I was still hoping it would never end. I was more fulfilled spending the last hour with her in my arms than any amount of satisfaction sleep would’ve given me. Being a Momma has taught me to savor every minute, no matter the time of day or night.
what my baby girl has taught me.
life goes on. Olivia is always happy. And when I say always, I mean just that - constantly, without exception, at any given time - smiling, giggling & joyful. (She is just like her Dad in this way). This isn’t to say that she doesn’t get fussy or have tough days - she still teethes and cries like every other baby — but amidst all this, her spirit is always happy. When something doesn’t go the way I had hoped or expected, or I’m having a really bad day and it seems like one thing after another is going wrong, I notice my spirit is easily broken. Through Olivia, I’m reminded that I need to try to let go of what I’m frustrated with because life will go on & there is always something to be thankful for. Being a Momma has taught me that even on tough days, I can still strive to have a joyful spirit and grateful heart like my daughter does.
to be content. I’ve learned to stop focusing on tomorrow and next week and what I have to do today and where I have to go and what needs to be checked off my to-do list. I’m learning just to be still, content with where I am. I’ve seen this in Olivia. She is content playing by herself and content playing with others. She is content being held and content being put down. She is content when it is sunny outside and content on cloudy days. Even when it’s -30 and she is teething and tired and hungry all at the same time, she is content. Her spirit is at peace regardless of her circumstances. Being a Momma has taught me that I can still look forward to tomorrow but should also focus on being content and at peace in the moment.

what God has taught me through motherhood.
that His mercies endure forever. I think back to the first weeks & months of Olivia’s life. For me, breastfeeding was extremely difficult and what felt like a total uphill battle. During the first month, I would breastfeed what felt like all night long and she still didn’t seem to be getting enough milk (more on that later). A week into it, I was beyond depressed and so discouraged. I cried every night to my husband that I couldn’t do it, I couldn’t make it one more night. I dreaded those nights and I felt so alone. I began praying steadfastly and about two weeks into it, I started listening to worship music through the whole night. The peace I found through God’s presence in song was exactly what I needed. I was reminded - through worship and His faithful presence - that His mercies are new each morning and they endure forever. Wherever I am at, He will meet me there. Whatever trial I am going through, He is coming alongside me. In whatever ways I feel I’ve failed, He lifts me up and reminds me He loves me.Being a Momma has taught me that God’s mercy goes beyond every long and painful night, every trial, every failure, and every new endeavor; His mercy is sufficient to cover all.
that He gives His children His very best. My very 1st blog post talked about how I feel that God gave us His very best in giving us Olivia. I still hold this conviction close to my heart. But through the past 7 months, I’ve seen all the other ways that God gives Us His best - not just by giving us a strong & healthy, tender & mild baby, but by giving me the strength to be a mom day in and day out, by giving me the patience to take care of a crying screaming baby at 2am. He gives me the energy I need to get through each day and He gives me special little (what I like to call) “nuggets of love” each day just when I need them — a front row parking spot, a great deal when I’m grocery shopping, the right song at the perfect moment, meeting a certain person and God working through them to bless me, etc. — He gives me those “nuggets of love” to remind me that He is with me and watching over me and hasn’t - even for a second — forgotten about me. Being a Momma has taught me that God delights in blessing His children and giving them His very best. 

This verse below is of extreme significance in my life right now in a very special and intimate way, and I may share more about that in a later post, but for now, I hope this verse encourages you. 
“Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.” Psalm 23:6
Hope you all have a splendid weekend full of fun memories & a few new “nuggets of love.”
xxo from me, V + her darling little baby legs.

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