savoring every blessing

     Today was a blessing. Every day is, but today was extra special. Tonight one of my favorite things in the entire world happened… Olivia fell asleep on my chest as I rocked her after her bedtime feeding. I remember when she was just a newborn and would fall asleep on me all the time after feedings, but now that she is almost 8 months, eating solids, and more independent, she doesn’t tend to fall asleep on my chest like she used to. 
    Tonight, though, she did.
    And I savored every single second, with my gently lips pressed against her soft skin, kissing her and whispering in her ear, listening to her breathe & feeling her heart beat. If my whole life led up to that one moment, with my baby girl in my arms, that would be the reason I existed. 
    Being a momma brings me happiness & joy that I never knew existed before. I didn’t know there were places in my heart that could overflow that much for a tiny human being.
    God sure gave me His best when He gave me Her.
     Hope ya’ll had a blessed day too.

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