how it all began // His very best

meet dustin. my husband. engaged june 23, 2011. 
married september 1, 2012.
in love with him from day 1.
and laughing ever since.
being newly married and a meticulous planner of all things, I was surprised to find myself pregnant last fall. yes, pregnant. on my husband’s 27th birthday. a month after our honeymoon. I held a nursing degree I hadn’t put to use yet and was just learning how to be a Godly wife to my husband. 
everyone who knew me knows my dream was to be a mom. a stay at home mom. a young mom. a mom to a big family, being that I come from a small one. someday. this was my plan.
God knew this plan of mine also. even from a very young age, I wanted to be “a mommy” some day. I had spent many years talking to Him about this plan of mine. talking about the plan I intended to live out a few years after marriage. after I got a nursing job and established in my career. after life settled down. I even remember praying after graduation for my “dream job,” over and over. God interpreted my “dream job” much differently.
and I’m so glad He did.
after many years of said prayers, college graduation, an engagement, a wedding, and a honeymoon…after finally getting settled into “normal” life, we soon discovered God had other plans for us. last fall after the disbelief, excitement, joy & anxiety, and three pregnancy tests later, my husband and I found ourselves preparing to meet our little bundle of joy on the way.
 time for a new plan.
I want this blog to offer everyone - esp. moms and moms-to-be - the true, real thoughts through the eyes of a young mom & wife. in the 9 months (er, 38 weeks and 2 days) of pregnancy and the past two months of being a mom to my daughter, Olivia, I have learned more than I learned in 22 years of being alive. God has humbled me, awed me, loved me, and encouraged me through this new and wild journey alongside my husband and best friend. what amazes me the most is that He gave us His very best - a perfect, beautiful, tender & mild, strong & healthy baby girl. This lesson - that God gives His children His very best- has stuck with me from the moment I laid eyes on my baby girl two months ago today. 
This blog will showcase big and small moments of being a wife and new mom, stories of strength and achievement, truths about the tough stuff, Olivia’s monthly milestones, my favorite recipes and new discoveries, my favorite baby-related products and places, the happenings of everyday life as a family of three, and of course, all the stuff my mom (or anyone else) never told me about being a mom myself. enjoy.

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